Things I learned after I became a Newborn Photographer at the hospital (Part 1)

成为新生儿摄影师以后学到的事 ( 一 )


I want to be a better person for them and make this world a better place. They didn’t have a choice to come into this world, I cannot mess it up and leave it to them.

·    不要把生命中的恩典当做理所当然。我们理所当然地以为,妇产科那一层是全医院最欢乐的,都是欢笑,都是新的生命的诞生。其实不尽然,不是每个孩子都能平安地降临,有的生命,还未开始就结束了。也不是每个孩子都生在一个温暖的家,有一双双期待着他们到来的凝视,无微不至照顾他们的双手。有的病房热闹非常,四世同堂;有的只有一个妈妈,麻木地抱着他们;有的病房充斥着大麻的味道,新出生的宝宝就睡在那里。有的房里有外婆新采下的鲜花。

Do not take anything in life for granted. We thought the mother/baby floor is the happiest floor of the whole hospital, full of laughter, and the arrival of new lives. Sometimes it might not be the case, not every child arrives safely, some lives ended before they start. Also, not every child can be born into a warm home, into longing gazes that have been waiting for so long, into hands that are willing to hold them whenever they need it. Some rooms are so full of visitors, sometimes even 4 generations; while some room is so painfully empty, only a mother is there, holding her baby, staring at you but not really saw you there. Some rooms are contaminated with the smell of weed, while the most beautiful baby is sleeping soundly in the basinet next to the snoring father. Some rooms smell like the first bunch of summer flowers from Grandma’s Garden.

·       每个孩子出生时都是平等的,乍一看,他们多么相似。他们的重量,气味,笑容,好奇的眼神…… 是这个世界在这张白纸上画上色彩,把他们变成后来的他们。他们不知道什么是歧视,什么是优越感,他们张开各种颜色的眼睛,用同样的热情和真诚感受着崭新的世界。

Every baby was born equal. They looked so surprisingly similar.

Their weight, their smell, their smiles, the curious eyes…… are so similar.

It is this world that painted them with different colors, turned them into the future them – us.

They didn’t know what discrimination is, or superiority, they opened their eyes and felt the world with the exact same excitement and sincerity.

待续 To be continued ......